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The Obese Dachshund Trims Down

A 5-year-old obese dachshund receives relaxing massage in a hot spa ( and below takes a walk on an aqua treadmill) at El Perro aqua fitness club for dogs in Tokyo, Japan. El Perro provides fitness programs for dogs to keep them healthy, also offers diet courses for obese dogs where one can learn how to balance their pet’s diet by comparing measured weight with ideal and calculating the amount of calories necessary for dogs to take. (Photo by Koichi Kamoshida/Getty Images)

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“The Obese Dachshund Trims Down”

  1. Blogger Sharon Says:

    That's a big Dachshund. He doesn't look overweight but just big for a Dachshund!

  2. Blogger caricature Says:

    He doesn't look that obese to me. Love the theology pic :)

  3. Anonymous jodeven Says:

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  4. Anonymous dog house noah Says:

    I didn't know that dogs come to fitness club too. I thought all they needed was a good, comfortable Wooden Dog House but now, a relaxing massage in a hot spa? Woah, guessed i underestimated them.

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