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Hilary Swank And Her Pets

I think everyone has praised this million dollar hollywood actress for her outstanding role as Maggie Fitzgerald in the film "Million Dollar Baby". Her full name is Hilary Ann Swank and she is born on July 30, 1974. She has won the Oscar twice: in 1999 for Boys Don't Cry and in 2004 for the much talked about Million Dollar Baby. Her Hollywood film career began with a small part in Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) and then a major part in The Next Karate Kid (1994). Swank came from humble beginnings and described her younger self as an"outsider" who only enjoyed reading a book or watching a movie, and thought of getting involved with a character. This later inspired her to become an actress.

She came to the limelight last year when she filed a divorce from her actor-husband Chad Lowe. But again they had to rethink about their break up since, they faced a peculiar problem. Both Hilary and Lowe had a deep love for their pets and couldnot understand how to divide the pets amongst themselves. The couple owns several parrots, dogs, (including a sweet pup Karu), a cat and a rabbit and couldn't bear to live without the menagerie, and that fact has prompted the pair to rework on their marriage vows.

In an interview, she onced said that her childhood was lonely, and whenever Christmas and her birthday would come she always insisted her parents to buy her a dog or a cat. At the age of eight, she brought a stray cat and took it into her bedroom. But, her mom finally found him in. After much fit, the cat stayed with them. Hilary once had two gerbils named Moe and Joe. At present, she has an African gray parrot, named Seuss after Dr. Seuss, one of her favorite authors. He talks a lot according to Swank, and says "Good morning!". And during the day "Goodbye! and "I love you!" I personally am well aware of an african gray parrot since I too have one named Betty. She also has a border-collie mix named Lucky, a cat named Deuce and a little bunny named Luna. She has proved to be a great animal lover as she had stopped eating red meat, white meat, or fish.

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“Hilary Swank And Her Pets”