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Pamela Anderson's pooches

Pamela Anderson is every guy's fantasy. She is beautiful, voluptuous, and drop-dead sexy. Born in Ladysmith, British Columbia, on July 1st, 1967 her parents got a medal as she was the first baby to be born on Canada's one-hundredth birthday. Spotted first by a videographer at a British Columbia Lions football game, she instantly became the Labatt's Blue-Zone Girl. This exposure led her to be the only woman to have appeared on the cover of Playboy more than any other woman in the magazine's history. Strong family bonds are very important to Pamela. She is very sensitive to the emotional needs of other people and loves to care for others.

Regarding her love for pets she has 2 dogs, Luca (a Chihuahua) and Star (a Golden Retriever). In the summer of 2005, Pamela Anderson turned her beloved Luca, into a cover model by posing with him on the front of dog lovers magazine Modern Dog. In the accompanying article, the former Baywatch babe had revealed that she's a doting Mum to her little dog because she's constantly worried he'll be dragged off by a big bird. She even explained, "I'm afraid a bird might swoop down and pick him up". She is also a dedicated spokesperson for animal rights group PETA and have rescued many small dogs before. She has shown a deep love for both of her dogs and trembles even at the thought of losing her pets. Star has been with Pam for 15 years and she hopes his healthy lifestyle will help him fight off illness and death for many years to come. They give her constant support and strength to carry on in life as she says.

There was a controversy in August,2005 over the marriage of her Golden Retriever Star with her Chihuahua Luca Pizzaroni Pasquini. The bow-wow vows were not witnessed by any other four-legged friends. Later, Anderson took her pups and joined with some friends for celebratory drinks.

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“Pamela Anderson's pooches”

  1. Blogger Sharon Says:

    It's nice when people like Pamela Anderson use their influence to benefit something; especially pets. I'm not her biggest fan but I do believe she is very sincere when it comes to Animals.