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A Tale Of Two Cockatoos

This is such a sweet story....

This link is to a photography journal of the story of two cockatoos, one domestic and one wild. The female has a bad wing and cannot fly and she is courted by a wild male. He manages to get her cage open and the relationship continues from there. They even raise a family. These are some wonderful photos and a great story. Be sure and click NEXT at the bottom of each page to see the whole saga.

Click here: http://www.juliusbergh.com/cocky/

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“A Tale Of Two Cockatoos”

  1. Blogger Sharon Says:

    This is a lovely story. A friend sent this to me because she knows how much I love birds.

  2. Anonymous Mad goat lady Says:

    Gorgeous story!

  3. Anonymous AjiNIMC Says:

    good blog you have :)